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In order to ensure wide distribution of detailed information on domestic animals breeds in France and to respond, at all levels, to national as well as international demand, in Europe and around the world (FAO), the BRG has made available a data bank on domestic animals breeds in France.

Each Pilot group has elaborated a questionnaire on breeds which adheres to a data classification hierarchy, and is comprised of nine broad chapters. In this presentation, only the following chapters are included:

A-General Information
B-Origin and Development

The questionnaires have been distributed to stakeholders selected by pilot groups who, through their answers, have actively participated in the establishment of this data bank. We would therefore live to warmly thank those breed managers, Institut Technique (Technical Institute) correspondents, Animal Breeder Associations or amateur breeders who have supplied us with information.

The information collected has been submitted to the pilot groups for validation and eventual modifications.The data are computerised with the support of the Bergerie nationale de Rambouillet (National Sheepfold)


France holds National and International collections of plant genetic resources which it makes available to the international community, in respect to its International Undertakings .

National Collections are comprised of genetic resources for which France has conservation responsibility. These resources, both temperate and tropical, are diverse and original - old and modern varieties, landraces and local populations, related wild forms. They are managed by a network of partners for temperate species or within a common platform for tropical and Mediterranean species.

In the respect of international co-operation agreements, France is responsible for the maintenance of certain International Collections . The management of corresponding material is carried out within the platform for tropical and Mediterranean species.

To find out more about a collection managed by a network or by the platform, you can search: ·

  • either by consulting the list of networks and platforms,
  • or through the latin name of the species.

The objective of the French directory of microorganisms collections is to make the laboratories work better known and to facilitate information transfer concerning the strains witch they maintain.

We have considered as "collections" any group of microbial strains conserved in a sustainable way (freeze-dried, frozen.). These may include wild strain collections isolated in natural or industrial environments, spontaneous or induced mutations, recombinant strains. Banks of DNA can be included in this directory.

Three types of collections are represented: service culture collections which sell their strains via a catalogue (paper or computerised), open working collections which may exchange strains under conditions, and closed working collections, whose information and strains remain strictly confidential.


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French directory of microorganisms collections


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