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There are a large number of domestic animal breeds in France, managed by very diverse stakeholders.

The management and improvement of livestock are carried out in the field by numerous animal farmers consolidated in co-operatives and breed associations, advised in particular by the staff of Instituts techniques (technical institutes) and of Chambres d'Agriculture (agricultural councils)². Artificial insemination centres (essentially for cattle) keep a stock of frozen semen and embryos in order to contribute to better live animal reproduction management. The survival of an animal breed should be conceived within a favourable socio-economic context. The current trend in favour of traditional products, the development of agro-ecotourism and the desire to maintain the rural landscape are aspects that should always be sought out in order to accompany and support the maintenance of diversity in breeds used.

The conservation of severely threatened live animal breeds is carried out by animal farmers as well as in gene banks, zoological parks, aquaria. Semen and embryos storage offers another option for long-term breed conservation; it is achieved by a National Cryobank.

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The joint action carried out in France to accompany management activities is done by Pilot groups which gather together associative and institutional partners as well as breeding professionals and research and education specialists.These groups aim to help the various stakeholders to adhere to the national strategy for each species, or species-group, to define action priorities and to find necessary funding. The areas of activity are inventory and characterisation of the various breeds as well as facilitated organisation of genetic diversity management.

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These groups are assisted by a Methodology Support Group , which develops appropriate research and also facilitates methods and results transfer towards stakeholders involved in breed genetic variability management.

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