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The scope of the actions required for the conservation of genetic diversity and the interdependency of countries in this area argues in favour of regional cooperation. Consequently, the European region has developed a cooperative framework that relies entirely on national activities, which it expands and coordinates. This mechanism consists of three networks :

ECP/GR, (European Cooperative Programme for Crop Genetic Resources Networks), with 37 Member States. Established in 1980, this programme entered Phase VII in 2004 (2004-2008) ;

Euforgen, (European Forest Genetic Resources Programme), with 32 Member States. Operational since 1994, it entered Phase III in 2005 (2005-2009) ;

ERFP (European Regional Focal Point for Animal Genetic resources), which comprises the national coordinators for the European region. The ERFP was officially established in 2000 and its activities are coordinated by France.

Microbial genetic resources are currently coordinated through projects initiated by stakeholders such as collection managers (for example, the European Biological Resource Centres Network / EBRCN project), rather than through concerted action undertaken by governments.

In terms of financing, a regulation adopted in 1994 by the European Union (N° 1467/1994) and subsequently modified by the EU in 2004 (N° 870/2004) supports joint activities for the preservation, characterization, collection and utilisation of genetic resources.


Keys for the Management of Genetic resources. International regulations, conservation, utilisation and exchange of genetic resources - BRg,38p.




Regulation 870/2004  


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