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  An adapted structure for a dialogue between all partners and the permanent staff

Advisory Inter-ministerial Committee is made up of representatives from the six ministries and is responsible for defining general policy concerning genetic resources. It keeps projects and the competence needed to put its policy into action up to date.

Group council brings together representatives of the thirteen partners. It is responsible for:
- evaluating the situation of genetic resources in metropolitan France and in Overseas departments and territories;
- deciding on the BRG's thematic choices and action programmes, on advice from the Scientific Commission;
- assessing the projects decided upon and actions carried out. is composed of a member of each partner institute.
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Scientific Commission is responsible for evaluating policy implementations and for keeping a scientific watch over subjects related to the projects for which the BRG is responsible. Assisting it are three specialised commissions - animals, plants and microorganisms - which are made up of specialists interested in the management and the use of genetic resources in their respective field.

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Permanent staff.
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