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  Composition of the organs of BRG

Group council

A member of six ministries and seven public scientific organizations make up this group council

Ministry in charge of Research   Michèle TIXIER-BOICHARD
Ministry in charge of Economy   Anne ROUBAN
Ministry in charge of Agriculture   Pascal BERGERET
Ministry in charge of Ecology   Eric VINDIMIAN
Ministry in charge of Overseas Territories    
Foreign Office   Jean-François GIOVANNETTI

National Institute for Agronomic Research (INRA)   Bernard BIBE
National Museum for Natural History (MNHN)   Denis COUVET
National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS)   Bernard DELAY
Institute of Research for Development (IRD)   Alain POULET
Centre for International Cooperation in Agronomic Research (CIRAD)   Philippe FELDMANN
Group for the Study and Monitoring of Varieties and Seeds (GEVES)   Fabrice MARTY
French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea (IFREMER)   Philippe GOULLETQUER


Scientific Commission

Président : Etienne VERRIER

Members : Philippe BERTIN (ULP Strasbourg), Pierre BOUDRY (Ifremer), Maurice CASSIER (CNRS), André CHARRIER (ENSAM), Isabelle CLEMENT-NISSOU (GNIS), Brigitte COURTOIS (CIRAD), Joël CUGUEN (Université Lille), Mathilde DUPONT-NIVET (INRA), Françoise GRENAND (CNRS), Philippe KARPE (CIRAD), Marc-Henri LEBRUN (INRA), François LEFEVRE (INRA), Nathalie MACHON (MNHN), Jean-Louis PHAM (IRD), Juliette RIQUET (INRA), Jean-Luc SOUCIET (Université Strasbourg), Michel TROMMETTER (INRA), Etienne VERRIER (AgroParisTec).


Permanent staff

Alain COLENO   President  
Dominique PLANCHENAULT   Director  
Frédérique MARIE   Secretary, Gestion  
Eléonore CHARVOLIN   Animals  
Marie-Pierre DIGARD   Documentation, Communication  
    Informatique, Gestion  
Dominique PLANCHENAULT   Animals  
Armelle SAIHI   Microorganisms  
Andrée SONTOT   Regulation, Economy, International  

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